This is nature."

When nature calls, be ready for it.
Out now in Berlin & NYC

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The Problem

Need a toilet?

When you're in an unfamiliar location and suddenly need to use the restroom, it can be a real challenge to find a clean, safe, and convenient option. You might waste valuable time wandering around in search of a restroom, or settle for a subpar option that leaves you feeling uncomfortable or even unwell. Let's face it, it's a real hassle. But it doesn't have to be, if you have EasyPZ.

The Solution

Your next move

When nature calls, our app answers. Our app provides real-time information about nearby public restrooms and gives you directions on how to get there. Simply download the app and always have some options ready, wherever you may find yourself next.


Quick & Easy

EasyPZ is designed for simplicity.

GPS Navigation

Best used in unfamiliar locations, especially when traveling.

Be healthier

Naturalize your cycle, and reduce the risk of adverse health issues.

Personalized for you

Filter results by gender, accessibility, and other preferences.




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